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Malpractice Insurance Insurance Services Financial Products
Client Service Center
Phone: 800-247-8043
Fax: 800-996-2642
Email: Client Service Center

Claims Services
Phone: 800-242-4052
Email: Claims Services
Business, Auto & Home
Phone: 800-769-2000, ext. 8180
Fax: 866-852-8522
Email: Contact an agent

Long Term Disability
Phone: 800-769-2000, ext. 8640
Fax: 800-996-2642
Claims: 800-932-9340
Email: LTD Services
Equipment Financing
Phone: 800-396-7157, ext. 6939
Fax: 877-776-7244
Email: Equipment Financing

Credit Card Processing
Phone: 800-396-7157, ext. 5606
Service: 800-437-0712
Fax: 800-230-2358
Email: Merchant Services
MilesAway® MasterCard®
Sales: 800-396-7157, ext. 5530
Email: MilesAway

Cardholder Customer Service
Phone: 888-521-0141

Reward Redemption
Phone: 877-521-1281